ExtremeSwitching V300 Series

Simplified edge switch operation managed by ExtremeXOS aggregation switch.

The ExtremeSwitching V300-8P-2T-W is a cost-effective edge switch managed by Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS (EXOS) software, a highly resilient OS providing continuous uptime, advanced services and operational efficiency. As the edge component of Extreme’s Extended Edge Switching solution, the V300 provides access switch capabilities, while being controlled by a remote EXOS aggregation switch.

The V300-8P-2T-W can also draw power from the EXOS aggregation switch over the physical Ethernet link using IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 30W/60W/90W PoE. This allows the V300 to seamlessly extend the feature-rich services of the EXOS aggregation switch, without the need for its own separate power supply unit.