ExtremeSwitching VSP 4000 Series

Virtual Services Platform 4000

Simplify Your Network End-to-End With the Fabric-Enabled Multiservice Edge Device

Simplify your network with the Extreme Virtual Services Platform (VSP) 4000. Designed to extend the reach of Extreme Fabric Connect technology to the branch and network edge, the VSP 4000 delivers fully featured network virtualization capabilities in a low-cost 1/10 Gigabit platform optimized for small locations. Offering full multiservice capabilities without deployment of multiple protocols, the VSP 4000 offers a simplified, streamlined way to build and manage networks.

For deployments in small offices where it is desirable to extend fabric technology across the wide area, the metro, or the campus edge or where you need separation of traffic for regulatory/security reasons or to support multiple entities, the VSP 4000 delivers rich multiservice and multi-tenant functionality in a cost-effective platform for small locations.