ExtremeSwitching X8 Series

Simplify, virtualize, and converge enterprise, data center, high-performance computing, big data, and service provider networks.

Today’s cloud computing and data center deployments demand highly virtualized, converged and scalable infrastructure. Multi-tenant, content hosting drives the need for a simple yet highly virtualized network fabric, along with the needs for expandability, performance, reliability and manageability. Extreme Networks’ open, standards-based Software Defined Architecture (SDA) coupled with advanced virtualization features in its Extensible Operating System (EXOS) and its extensible hardware fabric, creates a uniquely flexible and powerful basis for networks of any size. By taking advantage of best-in-breed hardware and software, customers can build open, orchestrated networks that not only fit any desired configuration but also integrate seamlessly with other standards-based networks and equipment. This results in networks that are simple, fast and smart. Extreme Networks’ X8 platform, provides seamless any-to-any connectivity at the hardware layer of SDA through a simple, scalable, and centrally orchestrated network.

Designed for the cloud-scale requirements for Enterprises, Data Centers, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data Analytics, and Internet Exchange Points (IXP), the ExtremeSwitching X8 provides a low-latency, high performance switch fabric with high-density connectivity solutions ranging from 100MbE to 100GbE, speeds, all in a compact footprint of one-third of a rack. Powered with advanced features the X8 eliminates the use of expensive multi-tier architectures and the associated challenges of inter-device connectivity, up/downlink bandwidth, and latency. The X8 also leverages a low-power design ideal for green operations and high degrees of energy efficiency, resulting in lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).