4213600L1#ATM AdTran Total Access 600R with DSX-1 (T1 ATM) Gateway (New)

Brand: AdTran
SKU: 4213600L1#ATM

Condition: NEW

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AdTran Total Access 600R Gateway with DSX-1 (T1 ATM) - 3rd Gen - with ATM software - fixed-port T1/FT1 IP access router (4213600L1#ATM)

  • Pre-configured with ATM software
  • Intuitive menu-driven configuration
  • Supports AAL2 (voice) and AAL5 (data)
  • On-board echo cancellation (G.168), PCM (G.711), and ADPCM (G.726) compression resources for packet applications
  • Integral IP router supports DHCP, NAT/PAT, packet filtering, RIP V1/V2, Layer 2 PPP, and Frame Relay