4700100G1SBC AdTran NetVanta 6310 Gateway with eSBC (New)

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AdTran NetVanta 6310 Modular IP Business Gateway w/Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) - Dual 10/100Base-T interfaces for routing, DMZ, or Ethernet-fed WAN (4700100G1SBC)

As more service providers deliver IP services to the enterprise edge, more and more businesses are adopting IP technologies for the premises.  Historically there has been a need to support legacy analog services at the customer premises, but the enterprise Session Border Control (eSBC) Feature Pack is designed to provide the SIP interoperability demanded with more IP presence.  We provide you a migration path to various services, from business trunking, hosted VoIP, and onto native SIP trunking.

Designed to ease the need for extensive interoperability testing, eSBC Feature Pack provides the tools necessary to normalize the SIP to SIP communication between a carrier network and the customer's SIP compliant equipment.  Multiple tools are provided to accomplish this normalization.