AP460C-FCC Extreme Networks AP460C Universal Tri-Radio Access Point, Outdoor WiFi6, Internal OMNI Antennas (Refurb)



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ExtremeWireless AP460C Tri-Radio Outdoor Access Point - Wi-Fi 6 - IP67 Outdoor Rated and extended temperature range - ONMI antennas - Multiple Radio Modes 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, and Sensor w/Dual 5GHZ and Multirate Port - Delivers exceptional end-user experience even in the densest user environments - BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) - Mounting options sold separately (Part # AP460c-FCC)

The AP460C is part of Extreme's Universal Wi-Fi platforms and provides users the choice of Wi-Fi operating system (IQ Engine or WiNG Operating System). Customers have the flexibility to select the OS at start-up or at a later stage and the AP will assume the features/capabilities of the selected OS. When first booted, the AP460C automatically connects to ExtremeCloud IQ to find its persona. The pre-provisioned OS persona is then remotely enabled on the AP460C AP and the user can stay in the cloud or select manage the device locally.

The AP460C is a Tri Radio based on advanced radio technology delivers 802.11ax and is designed for harsh environments; from hurricane force winds to sub-zero temperature. The AP460C is IP67 outdoor rated and extends Extreme's Wi-Fi 6 coverage outdoors in a sleek form factor with three different antenna models: AP460C is based on internal Omni antenna, AP460S6C is a internal 60° Sector, and the AP460S12C is based on a 120° Sector for the most challenging outdoor deployments.

The AP460C is based on Wi-Fi 6 Tri-Radios design delivers 802.11ax 2x2:2 data rates on 2.4 GHz and 4x4:4 data rates on 5 GHz concurrently on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios and a 3rd radio for a dedicated full time dual banded sensor. The Tri-Radio APs continue the Extreme tradition of software-selectable-radios (SSRs) capable of dual 5 GHz connectivity for outdoor harsh environments. The AP460C platforms are the first generation of APs to run multiple Extreme operating systems, providing flexibility and choice of on-premise or cloud deployment, while minimizing total cost of ownership.