SSA-FB-AC-PS-B Extreme Networks S-Series Power Supply (Refurb)



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Extreme Networks AC power supply - S-Series Standalone (SSA S180) - 15A - 100-240VAC input - I/O side intake (Part # SSA-FB-AC-PS-B)


The Extreme Networks S-Series family of flow-based switches brings high performance distributed switching to the network access layer, distribution layer, enterprise/campus core, and data center. The S-Series family consists of the 8-slot S8, 6-slot S6, 4-slot S4, 3-slot S3, 1-slot S1A chassis and the fixed configuration S-Series Stand Alone (SSA). The S-Series delivers some of the highest switching port densities per rack unit available in the market and is future-proofed and scalable to provide overall system capacities of up to nine and a half Terabits.


  • Terabit-class performance with granular traffic visibility and control
  • Industry leading Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities that leverage flow-based architecture to deliver unique IT integrations and unmatched OpenFlow scale
  • Automated network provisioning for virtualized, cloud, and converged voice/video/data environments
  • High availability redundancy features including self-healing, maximizes business continuity for critical applications
  • Versatile high density solution with highly flexible connectivity and power options reduces cost of ownership
  • Advanced security platform enabled by a centrally managed policy architecture, granular rules at high scale, and physical layer security via MACsec